HVAC Acoustic and Thermal Solutions

for customers in Australia

L&L Products in Australia specializes in engineering premium acoustic and thermal solutions for local HVAC units through its DECI-TEX technology platform. DECI-TEX is a vertically lapped, fiber-based acoustic material varying in thickness, density, fiber diameter and can be treated for optimal performances with an acoustic facing. L&L’s DECI-TEX technologies are an ideal acoustic solution for the HVAC market due to its exceptional acoustic and thermal values, robustness, and ease of installation (saving labor costs immensely as compared to traditional cross lapped polyester and fiberglass insulation products). It does not retain moisture and create bacteria, nor does it sag over time. It is also easy to cut by hand, on-site and is operator friendly. Lastly, DECI-TEX is supplied with full adhesive backing to ensure full duct contact, eliminating the need for fixing pins.

DECI-TEX is fully compliant with AS 4254.2 (2012) Standard.

Key product attributes of DECI-TEX include:

  • Ability to manage high heat exposure
  • Excellent sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies
  • Full adhesive backing to ensure full duct contact
  • Labor savings due to ease of installation
  • No thermal bridging
  • No pinning required
  • Ease of cutting by hand and on-site
  • Reduced leakage – low maintenance
  • EHS / operator friendly (no protective gear required)
DECl-TEX Products for HVAC Acoustic and Thermal Solutions
Product Thickness Facing Application
D-VP17 25 mm Polyester Nonwoven DECI-TEX laminated with a polyester nonwoven facing is ideal for externally wrapped duct where the duct is visible internally or for lining cushion head boxes. Designed as a high performing acoustic solution to be placed behind perforated panels, the polyester nonwoven facing provides excellent sound absorption across all frequencies.
D-VP17 50 mm
D-VP48 75 mm
D-VA17 25 mm Non-perforated aluminum (AL) Non-perforated aluminum facings are used when the insulation is exposed externally. Our aluminum foil non-perforated facing will prevent degradation and guarantee long term performance of DECI-TEX.
D-VA17 50 mm
D-VA48 75 mm
D-VA17 25 mm Perforated aluminum (PAL) Perforated aluminum (PAL) perforated aluminum facings are used as an internal duct lining. Our extra heavy duty perforated aluminum foil is the perfect choice for achieving the highest possible thermal and acoustic performance.
D-VA17 50 mm
D-VA48 75 mm
Custom Custom Custom At L&L Products, we provide custom made acoustic and thermal parts for companies such as Brivis, Rheem and Pyrotek. L&L’s cutting capabilities provide our customers with a consistent, high performance solution tailored to their needs. We have a long and proud history of tailoring engineered solutions to our customers, along with supplying our commodity products.